Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Attending This Friday's Finance Seminar is Important

Every year the Colorado charter school community gets together for a Finance Seminar designed for charter school board members, business managers and administrators. This year's Finance Seminar might be one of the best!

Here are a few highlights for someone thinking about attending:
  • A state-level panel discussing the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (f.k.a. No Child Left Behind).
  • A panel discussing the use of Standard 11: Finance for charter schools from the perspective of the CSSI team member, business manager and administrator.
  • The legal aspects to the Financial Transparency Act and what's required of charter schools.
  • Fundraising for charter schools.
  • Lessons learned from one charter school's audit.
  • How to start a charter school business office.
  • An update on the HB 1412 State Advisory Committee established to recommend charter school and charter school authorizer standards.
  • Internet safety for schools.
  • Property and liability insurance tips for charter schools.
  • Information on the BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) grant.
Too often charter school leaders don't even know what they don't know to ask! Attending a seminar like Friday's on finance ensures leaders are aware of the current issues and where to get specific information. It's also a great time to network with other people in the same role such as board Treasurer or business manager.

Register for the Finance Seminar at:

Charter school business managers meet throughout the school year every other month. The same link works to register for those meetings.

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