Monday, October 25, 2010

Done Waiting

At the end of the Waiting for "Superman" movie people get information on what they can do about the lack of good schools in the country. The Waiting for "Superman" website has a Take Action button for parents, teachers and the general public.

After getting the facts about public education, and seeing the impact on the lives of several students, movie viewers are given the opportunity to conduct further research and then get involved. The website encourages users to get involved by supporting great teachers, speaking with school board members, and ultimately, speaking up.

As a way of activating these angry movie goers, the organization "Done Waiting" has begun to collect names and email addresses in order to mobilize a grassroots coalition. Done Waiting is advertising on Facebook and other social media networks.

If you haven't already seen Waiting for "Superman" -- go! And then get involved in improving public education!

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