Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Acquisition for K12, Inc.

K12, Inc. has acquired Kaplan Virtual Education. In Colorado K12 contracts with Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) and several school districts operating their own virtual schools using either K12 or Aventa Curriculum. K12 purchased Aventa last year.

Several months ago Kaplan acquired Insight Schools. In that acquisition, the Insight School of Julesburg, CO became a Kaplan school. Now all Kaplan credit-bearing K-12 assets have been purchased by K12, Inc.
"We're excited to add Kaplan's K-12 education programs to K12 Inc.'s portfolio of high quality products, innovative online learning offerings, and successful school partnerships," said Ron Packard, founder and CEO of K12 Inc. "This is another step in our mission to provide high quality online education to as many students as possible. We are very pleased to be able to serve the students, parents, and teachers associated with the Kaplan and Insight schools."
K12 operates online schools in 27 states. The parent satisfaction rate of K12 students tops 90% with parents agreeing their child has benefited academically from the K12 education.

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