Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Georgia's Courts Shoot Down State Charter School Authorizer While Indiana Starts a New State Authorizer

Georgia's Supreme Court ruled the state's chartering authority is unconstitional, leaving nine previously authorized charter schools in limbo. Much like Colorado, Georgia allowed certain charter school applicants to get a state charter. Colorado's Supreme Court ruled the state Charter School Institute (CSI) was constitutional, upholding the 2005 Charter School Institute statute.

While Georgia is shutting down its state authorizer, Indiana is starting a new one. The Indiana State Superintendent just named an Executive Director for the new charter school board. This is after the Indiana General Assembly passed a law creating a statewide charter school authorizer.

State with multiple charter school authorizers are viewed as being more choice-friendly by allowing multiple options for charter school applicants to get new schools approved. In addition to local districts and state authorizers, some states permit nonprofit organizations, municipalities and institutions of higher education to charter.

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